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NEXT STEP PERFORMANCE is a fitness training facility in Midtown Harriburg that provides group training services & nutritional coaching services. Next Step Performance provides a holistic approach to lifestyle change. 






Next Step Performance training focuses on dynamic movements rather than isolating specific muscles. Calisthenics, suspension, and flexibility are all a big part of the NSP training philosophy.  

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Next Step Performance provides small group training and semi-private training services. The workouts are designed to build muscle and burn fat fast. Think of this process as building the foundation on the way to a better you. With this foundation, you will be able to maximize future workouts and increase your strength and proficiency...

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The Next Step Performance community is led by Ivan Black, an NSCA certified personal trainer with more than 15 years of experience in fitness. Ivan has worked in clinical settings as well as fitness facilities large and small in New York, Miami & Washington DC. Ivan has trained all age groups and a wide range of fitness levels, including pro athletes. 

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"I’ve taken the Saturday TRX class with Ivan twice now and I have nothing but great things to say! Ivan is one heck of a trainer.  He's able to simultaneously push you to your absolute limit while keeping the class fun and dynamic. He is very mindful of all the members of the class, and made sure to correct postures by teaching you what muscle group you should be targeting to avoid injury. I adore this class and recommend it highly; despite the protests of every muscle in my body!"

Paula K.

"I want to thank Ivan at NSP for sharing his training expertise and enthusiasm.  You made TRX and interval training accessible, painful and fun!"

— Kate K.

"NSP turned things around for me. I came looking to build strength and improve my performance as a triathlete. I was suffering from a major muscular injury and I couldn't swim, bike, or run for about six months.  Ivan at NSP adapted workouts to me and my needs. Those workouts and guidance in stretching, foam rolling, etc. helped me heal physically, which seemed to come about rapidly as my strength and flexibility grew. I've gained a lot of strength from my work with NSP and am seeing the results visually and in my performance."

— Theresa P.


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