fitness assessment

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So...What is the fitness assessment??

InBody 570: Professional Body Composition Analyzer

Test your member's body compositions with the speed of BIA and the accuracy of a gold standard.

  • Full range of outputs, including Percent Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Total Body Water 

  • Reveals Lean Mass development in each arm, leg, and the trunk 

  • Test in less than a minute with gold standard accuracy

Functional Movement Screen

The SFMA is the movement based diagnostic system, designed to clinically assess 7 fundamental movement patterns in those with known musculoskeletal pain. 

The Functional Movement Screen eliminates the guessing game and tells you what movement quality really is by measuring seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life. It scores individuals in a simple way to determine if their movement patterns are optimal, acceptable or dysfunctional.

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